Suche Volvo C303 und Strv 103C

Suche Volvo C303 und Strv 103C

Beitragvon Carl Wallinder » Mi 15. Jul 2015, 11:01

Good Day from Sweden.
I am looking for the Volvo C303 from Fmb-Unicorn. I am interested to buy all versions of the model. I am also looking to buy the Strv 103C from United Fun/CMSC. Both are very fine models and work very good in dioramas or as cargo on a railway wagon.
Kind Regards.
Carl Wallinder
Carl Wallinder
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Re: Suche Volvo C303 und Strv 103C

Beitragvon Heinz Peters » Fr 21. Aug 2015, 01:40

Hello Carl,

the distribution of FMB-Unicorn models is taken over by '' (Michael Scheel).
You can contact him as follows:

As I know there was only produced the Volvo 4x4 type. The larger 6x6 type was announced but I'm still waiting for it, too!
Actually there are no Volvo's available.

It seems there are some problems with the producer FMB-Unicorn!

Heinz Peters
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